Completed Jobs

Check out some of the recent jobs we have completed:

Job #4513 – Metal Re-Roof at Hornsby Heights

Works completed:

  •  Remove existing roof tiles and dispose of appropriately.
  • Install new 40mm metal top hat batons @ 900 centres to Australian standard.
  • Install 50mm roofing wool sarking blanket, to reduce heat/ noise & waterproof application for Australian climate.
  • Install corrugated metal roofing sheets to colour of clients choice.
  • Install roll top ridge capping’s and associated flashings and trims to Australian standards.
  • Install safety rail to perimeter of first floor dwelling for safety measure if required.
  • Supply rubbish disposal.
  • Supply and install two whirly birds.

Job #6308 – Roof Restoration & Paint at Terrey Hills

Works completed:

  • High pressure clean entire roof cutting back to bare concrete ready for primer.
  • Restore ridge capping with high grade compound.
  • Undertake roof assessment for any damaged, broken or aged looking tiles and replace.
  • Check all valleys/ roof penetrations and flashings for any obvious signs of future water ingress issues, seal appropriately.
  • Clean out all valleys/ gutters and downpipes disposing of any debris in green bin located on site.
  • Apply roof primer and sealer to Australian standards.
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